Sunday, September 20, 2009

TV Round-up for the week of September 14

Glee -
This third episode (the 2nd since last week's return) was pretty polarizing among the folks I've talked to. For some of my friends "Acafella" was sort the last straw, the nail in the coffin for a show that they really wanted to like and just can't get into at all. For others like me, this week's episode was fantastic; providing character arcs and story progression that hints at wonders to come. And come on - how could you not love all of the Acafella stuff? The early 90s hip-hop; the cheesiness; the fact that the storyline created an opportunity to have Matthew Morrison and John Lloyd Young perform together, like Ryan Murphy has been poaching my dreams. It was all so great. I will admit that as happy as I was last week when this show returned to tv, and as much as I enjoyed it, that return episode didn't exactly live up to the pilot. But this week got the show back on track for me. Added bonus? Josh Groban playing himself as the drunk-cougar lady killer. Excellent!

Community -
Speaking of unmet expectations, I wanted to LOVE the "Community" pilot and I just enjoyed it. I mean I'm still totally on board and I think it has a ton of potential but I guess I figured with my boyfriend Joel McHale and comedy legend Chevy Chase involved that I'd be doubled over clutching my sides with laughter. Not so much.

The Office - One of the better season premieres they've had. I loved all of the false rumors that Michael came up with and the opening involving Andy, Michael and Dwight with the Parkour stuff was GENIUS.

Big Brother 11 - So much (too much) has already been said about this disappointing finale. It was an hour too long, Julie looked ridiculous in her periwinkle silk rain poncho, fucking NataLIE won $50K, and Kevin was robbed. I didn't have a problem with Jordan winning actually; I'm just still mad that Natalie made it to the final 2. She should have gone home the week Lydia did and I blame Jordan for that. Oh well, until next summer BB, sayonara.

America's Next Top Model - What is wrong with me that I can't quit this horrible show? Tyra Banks is an idiotic egomaniac and this "season of the shortys" is even a bigger waste of time than usual. But here I am right there watching it each week. Gah!

Project Runway - What is up with the judging this season?! So far I haven't had a problem with any of the designers who've been "auf'ed" but for the last 3 weeks I've TOTALLY disagreed with the person they've chosen as the winner. And what is up with my boy Logan not getting the love? First there was his model client dress last week that I actually thought was really cute but which almost got him sent home, and then there was his newspaper dress this week that was so amazing and wasn't even in the top three!!? WTF?!

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