Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nigel & Co.'s Top SYTYCD couple routines

I'll preface by saying that any SYTYCD that Fox, Nigel and Co. want to give me I'll gladly take. And while I get that "favorite" = subjective, there were some glaring misses tonight.
The show started out with promise replaying routines that had somewhat faded in my memory like "Black Mambo" but then it got kind of predictable towards the end.
But seriously, out of all of the Brandette brilliance, 'effin DISCO? It was fab but hello, Ruby Blue and Argentine Tango were better.

Also, talking about Season 1 and NOT showing any routine with Blake McGrath is a damn crime. Although it was nice to see Nick and Melody's "All That Jazz", I forgot how fun it was.
Anyway, it was a pleasant way to spend an hour.

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