Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Lost Boy

80s teen actor Corey Haim was found dead this morning in his mom's North Hollywood home. And even though we could all see this end coming for awhile, the actuality of his passing makes me sadder than I would've expected.

Corey Haim was the first celebrity crush that I had the was my same age. You see, all of my other fantasy boyfriends as a pre-teen/teen were "older guys"; men like Andy Gibb, Julian Sands, James Spader, and Paul Weller. And Jason Patric of course. See it was the mid 80s, and there was this little movie called Solarbabies? Heard of it? I had a huge crush on Patric and was super excited when The Lost Boys came out.

I knew the cute dorky kid from Lucas was going to be in the movie too but I didn't think much about him. That was until I was sitting in the theater watching the film for the first time and fell in love with Corey Haim. I loved the character of Sam. He was funny, cute, loyal, slightly nerdy, had an awesome dog, was a cool dresser.
Okay, Sam was gay right?
I always thought so. He was kind of prissy and cared too much about his appearance. He took bubble baths. My crush on him was really my first experience at being a fag-hag.
But it also cemented my love of Corey Haim. We were the same age; he could really relate to what I was going through etc. ** cough** Ahem.

Anyway, as years passed and Haim dated people I hated like Alyssa Milano and Victoria Beckham my crush on him quickly dissipated. But everytime I catch The Lost Boys on cable I still get that little tug on my heart for Corey Haim. And for Jason Patric and his weird breathy voice. Oh, my heart also flutters for my longtime crush Billy Wirth (who by the fawking way is 48 gawddam years old! Jeezus...).

I hope you're in a happier and safer place Corey.

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