Friday, November 21, 2008

WTF Television?!

What the hell is going on with my beloved medium Television?

First ABC, my most hated network because of their track-record of killing shows that I love so damn much (see: Home Front, Miracles, Eyes, Miss Guided, Women's Murder Club, Knights of Prosperity, Jake in Progress, Men In Trees, Invasion...the list goes on for miles), decides to cancel Pushing Daisies, one of the most enchanting and charming shows ever made. ABC also cancelled "Eli Stone" and "Dirty, Sexy, Money"; but I'm not as broken-up about these because my love for them had already waned.

Then I just heard that the dumbasses over the NBC soap "Days of Our Lives" have decided to fire much-loved actors Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall! The hell?! I know that Drake and Deidre make a shit-load of money and their salaries alone are probably enough to cover paychecks for half of the Days staff but dayyumm, why would you fire the only reason most of the fans of your stupid show even watch?
I'm probably sounding like a hypocrite because I stopped watching DooL over a year ago, but even I will miss the spectacular overacting that Hogestyn and Hall made their trademarks over the years. What will DooL be without John (Roman) and Marlena?

And ABC you bastards, you might just have lost me as a viewer forever. For years I've taken your abuse and heart-break, coming back for more over and over as you kept giving me tastes of interesting, imaginative, smart shows that you then just yanked away without remorse or warning. While you keep horrific drivel like Extreme Nanny: Wife Swap Edition, greenlight another f*cking season of The Bachelor, and continually introduce stupid reality shows like this new turd "True Beauty". Why do you continue to give carte-blanche to failing shows like "Private Practice" just because they're connected to a more successful show (Grey's), when you could be putting an effort into promoting and scheduling "Daisies" which is critically acclaimed and Emmy/Golden Globe nominated? You suck ass ABC!!
You've still got Lost, Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty to tether me to your evilness, but unless these three shows start showing considerable improvement, they might not be enough to keep me and then I'll be gone forever you tools.

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