Sunday, November 9, 2008


I love pie. Besides the occasional cookie, pie is hands down my favorite dessert. If I never had a slice of cake again I'd be okay, but I could never give up pie.
I like all kinds - apple, berry, cherry, citrus based, any and all kinds of cream pie; double crust, blind-baked single crust, cobbler, crumb-topped...diabetic coma here I come.

So I recorded the 2008 National Pie Championship that was on the food network last night. I am a sucker for these Food Network "Challenge" shows for some reason. That Keegan Gerhard guy is strangely sexy, so maybe that's it? Or maybe it's because I always thought it would be great if my mom had entered some - she would've blown the competition away! Can you imagine being a judge for this particular competition? Getting to taste over 100 pies? Did I mention the diabetic coma?

Anyway, this year's pie contest was surprisingly thrill-packed; at least that was what they led us to believe. Who knew there could be so much drama in a pie making competition? There was the tension of several of past years winners trying to go after the defending champion. Then said 2007 champion was entering a pie in all 7 categories! Had she spread herself too thin? Would it be her downfall?! The pressure!
Other nail-biting traumas - Linda forgot to add the cornstarch to her chocolate mixture; Terry didn't let his crust rest enough so it shrunk in the oven, and his pastry tip got clogged!; John-Michael's apple corer broke! What. Will. Happen?
Eh, some lady with her Bananas Foster Cream Pie won. They didn't show her once during the show, so evidently she didn't have any of the manufactured drama that everyone else had. Boring.
Okay, I think I'm off to get some pie.

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