Friday, July 30, 2010

TV Round-up - Project Runway Season 8 and the return of two faves

Season 8 of Project Runway premiered last night. The designers are competing for a show in September's Fashion Week which isn't as "big" as FW in February but will still always be a bigger deal than LA Fashion Week. I don't think we've had a PR season go to September FW since season 3 but I could be remembering wrong.

Anyway, for some reason, I'm not that excited about this new season. First, they've changed the format so that the show is 90 minutes long now instead of an hour format. Why are they doing this? If it means that we'll eventually get longer Tim mentor segments or the full runway critiques than I'm all for it; but if they continue to use it as a platform for giving more time to the insipid hair/make-up sessions, like they did last night, then I am concerned. The 90 min premier also worked last night because we had so many designers to get through (17!!) but I can see the extra half hour becoming tedious and lame as the season progresses. And does this mean that Lifetime won't be doing a "Models Of The Runway" show? Am I the only person that enjoyed this program? Must be...

This season's crop of designers seems to be littered with a lot of crazy and not a lot of talent. I was totally annoyed that McKell was the first designer auf'ed, when that stupid Jason dude was so annoying and so obviously lacking anything remotely resembling talent got to stick around. I think Tim Gunn agreed with me - he seemed very put out about McKell leaving. Her dress was cute!!
I can't remember a season of Runway premiering that ever left me with such a bad taste in my mouth. It doesn't bode well.

But let's talk about happier, brighter things, like the new show that premiered right after PR, featuring two former Project Runway designers: On The Road with Austin and Santino
This gem could prove to be my new obsession and all-time fave reality show this summer.
Seriously, two of my favorite Project Runway finalists doing a makeover show that's a cross between What Not To Wear and Green Acres? What's not to love!? Although Santino baby, is that a new wig/hair piece you're wearing? No sweetie. No.

I adored last night's premier with the cowgirl that does the horse stunts. Everything about the show was adorable - Austin and Santino's relationship; their tomboy client Shelby Lynn and her family, especially her awesome stepdad who's a rodeo clown; the weird historic "castle" that they shoved the homos into to use as a design studio; Weatherford TX, and its citizens' reactions to Santino and especially Austin. If every episode of this show is half as entertaining as this first one, I think we have a winner.

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