Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SYTYCD Season 7 Top 8

Just a couple of comments about the July 7 Top 8 performance show -

  • F*#@!! Both Alex Wong and Allison Holker are injured! And they put Alex automatically in the bottom 3 which I think is fair, but worrisome. Eeek my favorite All-Star girl...but wait they got my all-time fave SYTYCD girl Katee Shean to fill in - YAY.
  • I know choreographer Spencer Liff plays for the other team and all, but gawddam he needs to be my boyfriend RIGHT NOW. Also Nigel take note - that's how Broadway choreography is done. Tyce Diorio needs to be retired from this genre. Permanently.
  • The African Jazz number that Billy and Jose danced was very homo-erotic n'est pas?
  • As much as Adechike bores me and as much as I'd like to see him go home, Mia's comments to him tonight were totally harsh and kind of out of line. And it may have backfired - I think it drove people to vote for him like crazy. Damn.
The two stars of the night for me were the girls - way to go Ashley and Lauren; you both danced your two routines perfectly. I'll be seriously pissed off if either of you is in the bottom 3 with Alex tomorrow.

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