Monday, July 26, 2010

The return of "The Teeth"

Does Tony Robbins scare anybody else like he terrifies me?
His teeth and HUGE smile attached to his gigantic eleventy foot frame with his deep voice...I've never really understood why he's been so successful as a motivational speaker when he just reminds me of Jaws from all the James Bond movies.
That being said, I'm somewhat intrigued by his new reality show debuting tomorrow on NBC called Breakthrough. The show profiles people who have survived harrowing and tremendously difficult circumstances that range from financial to medical to emotional turmoil. And how these people were able to find the strength to transform their lives -- even in the most extreme circumstances.

I myself have struggled with a few crises over the past few years and come through the other side, bruised, but alive and stronger in many ways than I was before, so where as a decade ago I would have found this type of show to be incredibly sappy, I find myself really looking forward to it.
Additionally Tony "Teeth" Robbins has teamed up with Arianna Huffington at HuffPost to ask people who have gone through their own crisis to share their stories.
Here are the questions they're asking:

1. What was your life like right before the challenge or crisis hit?

2. What was the crisis you faced? What happened -- what did you feel and experience?

3. What pulled you through this difficult, unjust, or impossible time? What was the trigger or catalyst for change? Was it a belief, a strategy, a faith, a person, a tool? What made the change possible?

4. Once you turned the corner mentally or emotionally, what did you do to turn your life around?

5. How is your life better today because you lived through the crisis? How have you transformed? How are you stronger emotionally, physically, spiritually? What gifts do you have to give because of this?

I'm not sure I'm going to blog about my experiences and send them in or even share them here, but I have promised myself that I'm seriously going to think about each of these questions and my answers to them.

Happy last week of July 2010!

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