Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things and more things - cute boys edition

I love Heather and Jessica over at Go Fug Yourself - seriously two of the funniest ladies around, dishing about celebrities and their bad fashion choices. I laughed out loud for a good 10 minutes after reading their blurb about Penn Badgley and Matthew Morrison at the Met Ball. Enjoy!

Someone I've been obsessed with this week (and last week, and the week before that, truth be told) is actor, singer, musician, teen heartthrob Asher Book.

Seriously this kid! He first came to my attention in the horrid Fame remake that came out in 2009. The kid has a BEAUTIFUL voice, but his acting skills left a lot to be desired in that dreck of a film. But that must have been the result of the bad writing for that movie because now Asher's on NBC's Parenthood, as recurring character Steve and over the past few weeks he's been kind of a revelation on that show for me. Book manages to make the 17 yr old Steve smarmy, charming, smart-alecky, intelligent, geeky, cool, vulnerable - all at the same time.  And I really love where they're going with his storyline, setting up a love triangle between Steve, Haddie, and Amber - I can't wait to see more.
I've been listening to a bunch of Asher Book's tracks from the "Fame 2009" soundtrack this week and I'm again reminded how incredible this kid's voice is. I kind of love the fact that so far the producers of Parenthood have chosen not to capitalize or showcase his musical talent on the show at all. It lets him show his range.
But heads up Ryan Murphy! I implore you to hire Asher Book IMMEDIATELY as a guest star on Glee for the upcoming season. Book already has an "in" with the show because one of his best friends is Kevin Mchale (Artie). Maybe Asher can be brought on as a new love interest for Quinn or Ttttina or as the heir apparent for the lead in rival club Vocal Adrenaline's troupe after Jonathan Groff's Jesse St. James graduates. I'm just saying. You're missing out on a great opportunity here.

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