Friday, May 14, 2010

Sex & The City 2 - Worst movie ever made?

Quite possibly.

I hated almost every aspect of the first Sex & The City movie; but ultimately enjoyed it enough because some of the story arcs were engaging and more importantly, I still felt a deep connection to the characters. And seriously, who didn't want Carrie and Big to have their happy ending.

Last night on The Daily Show, producer/writer/director Michael Patrick King was on, and it's a testament to the talent of Jon Stewart that he was able to show the clip from the Sex & The City 2 movie and not guffaw, do a spit take, or generally not say "What the f*ck was that?" afterwards. Instead Stewart wisely said nothing and brought King out where they promptly avoided talking about the movie altogether except to mention that it wasn't filmed in NY/LA and instead focused the entire interview on a road trip the two of them once took from LA to Marin County back in the early 90s(?!!).

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You guys? This movie is going to SUCK ASS. And yet, I think two friends and I are going to see it in the theater on opening day. Sigh...
I need professional help don't I?

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