Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 Things I LOVED about the Glee "Dream On" episode

1. The episode was a reunion of Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris. They make magic together!

2. That in an episode where the centered on 3 plots, the B plot (well technically the "C" plot) was all about Artie and his dream of dancing.

3. Artie's dream sequence at the mall where he performs "Safety Dance" and the whole thing was filmed and done flash-mob style to brilliant effect!

4. Idina Menzel is Rachel's mom!! Fans wanted it from the beginning but Ryan Murphy had said it wasn't happening. Tricky tricky man.

5. But oh, how sweet it was to hear Idina and Lea's duet of "I Dreamed A Dream". Seriously, SUCK IT Susan Boyle!
6.Wet Jonathan Groff. That scene between Jesse and Shelby in the car probably had some great dialogue that was important to the story but I was totally distracted by the HOTNESS that is Groff in a wet t-shirt.

7. "Dream On" duet between Schue and Bryan Ryan. Awesome, over-the-top, amazing falsettos, all while running around a half-finished Les Miz set. Genius.

8. The chemistry, both comic and sexual, between Neil Patrick Harris and Jane Lynch.

9. The "Dream A Little Dream" performance by Artie, with Tina and Mike (!) tap dancing.
10. The small touch that Quinn gives Artie's shoulder during the performance. Totally heartbreaking.

Also, check out Tom and Lorenzo's thoughts on the episode. They've captured exactly how I was feeling as I was watching the episode; absolutely my favorite of the season.

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