Thursday, April 22, 2010

Upcoming SYTYCD Season 7 - A discussion between two fanatics

Kitty: So I think we finally have all of the pieces of Nigel Lythgoe's demented Wizard's pie for this upcoming season of SYTYCD.
Kathie: Yep I think so but I'm still confused over some things. But let's talk about the "All Stars" first. We've got:
tWitch Boss - Kitty: Some of the choices for the All-Stars were obvious and Twitch was one of them.
Kathie: I love Twitch though so I was excited that he was one of the first names that Nigel announced.
Kathryn McCormick - Kitty: She really grew on me last season, so while I'm disappointed that Ellenore isn't an All Star, Kathryn will do. And at least she spells her name correctly.
Kathie: Zzzzzzz. Sorry I think they could've gotten someone much more charismatic. And you're wrong about the way she spells Katherine.

Pasha Kovalev - Kitty: Sigh. In my top 3 SYTYCD boyfriends.
Kathie: Who are the other 2? Kitty: Artem and Dmitry.
Kathie: All ballroom dudes? What about some contemporary guys like Jakob, Mark, or Blake? 
Kitty: I have a rule that while I can admire the dancing abilities of the gay boys on this show, I only crush on the straight ones. Neil and Will round out my top 5 crushes. Anyway, Pasha was another All-Star choice that seemed like a no brainer, especially since Dmitry is still doing Dancing With The Stars.

Allison Holker - Kitty: Oh, I missed her.
Kathie: Who the hell is Allison? She has great hair but I don't remember her at all.
Kitty: C'mon, season 2? Danced with that white popper Ivan? She went home too soon.
Kathie: I got nada.

Ade Obayomi - Kathie: Oh, lord here we go. Kitty: WHAT?!
Kathie: I know how much you love Ade. You must've bust something when he was announced as an All Star.
Kitty: well truth be told, even though evidently Nigel announced him days ago, I only found out yesterday that he was chosen. But yes, I did gasp a little with excitement. I lurve him; even more so since we saw him on tour.
Comfort Fedoke - Kathie: Don't start. But really who else could they have gotten for the girl hip-hopper?
Kitty: I know. She and Lauren were the people I knew were probably inevitable but who I was praying wouldn't be brought back to torture me. I was thinking they might pick Sarah from S3 but she was more of a B-girl than a true hip hop dancer. But still, I really effin' hate Comfort.
Lauren Gottlieb - Kitty: cough*fawkingbeeyatch*cough 
Kathie: please explain your hatred of Lauren. She was so great with Neil in S3; the Wade "devil dance"! She's Tyce's assistant.
Kitty: for all of the reasons you just named and more I can't stand her. I never understood why people loved that Wade dance; I thought Neil was a pompous douche until he reached top 10 and started dancing with different girls, so it was obviously Lauren bringing out the worst in him; and anyone who Tyce handpicks I have to give a big thumbs down to on principle.
Kathie: but c'mon, "Transformer" dance with Pasha? That was awesome.
Kitty: Ok, I'll give you that one; she and Pasha were pretty great in that routine, but I attribute that more to Pasha and Shane Sparks' choreography than Lauren alone. Anyway, I was 99% sure that Nigel and Co. would choose her and Comfort so whatever.

Mark Kanemura - Kathie: Eeeeeeeeeee! I thought he was out because he's been on tour with Gaga.
Kitty: I know! This All Star announcement was probably the most exciting for me. Sonya Tayeh must be so happy.

Anya Garnis - Kathie: Another snoozer for me. They should've gotten Janette.
Kitty: Don't be a hater, I kind of love how "over the top sex kitten" Anya is.
Kathie: I think she's ridiculous but she's sort of a package deal with Pasha so her pick was not a surprise.

Dominic Sandoval - Kitty: Oh goofy Dom.
Kathie: Man, I was really hoping that they'd choose Legacy as the other B-boy. He's so much hotter and so less annoying. But since he's done those "man on the streets" pieces for them I kind of figured he'd be chosen.
Kitty: Yep, it seems like the producers specifically chose past contestants that made strong fan connections and are generally well liked so that this season's finalists are all on an even playing field. And Dom is a good dancer. I was reminded of that the other night when I watched the ABDC charity show and saw Quest crew perform again. All kinds of awesome.

Courtney Galiano - Kitty: I was pleasantly surprised that Courtney was an All Star pick. I really liked her in her season (4) and still feel that the lyrical hip-hop routine from NappyTabs that she and Will did is one of the most beautiful and underrated performances this show has had.
Kathie: Eh, she's fine I guess. I still wish they had gone with Ellenore or Janeane.

Neil Haskell - Kathie: Hubba hubba. Now this is what I'm talkin' about! A little eye candy up in this joint. Neil was my favorite from the 3rd season.
Kitty: When Nigel originally announced this whole All-Stars thing, I made a list of who I wanted to be on the show and Neil, Travis, and Jakob were my top Contemporary guys, so I'm happy that I got at least one of them. I know he's been doing Broadway and tours and I'm excited to see him dance again. He was definitely a contestant that grew in my eyes throughout his season. Besides thinking he was cute, I didn't care for him at the beginning of S3 but by the end I was a fan.

Kitty: So that's the pool of All Stars that the ten Season 7 finalists will randomly be paired up with. People will change partners every week, and only one person gets eliminated each week; although the All Stars don't go home.
Kathie: One question I had was whether or not the pairings will all be boy/girl. Will we see any fabulous same sex action?
Kitty: Are you kidding? Not with Nigel "gay panic" Lythgoe at the helm. Nigel tweeted (@dizzyfeet) that the partners will always be boy/girl which is a shame because the same gender routines that are done in the finale each season are always some of my faves.
The other thing that Nigel tweeted is that the All Stars won't be choreographing which I'm fine with. I would truly miss the talented cadre of choreographers this show uses.
Kathie: The only question I have left is around how they're doing the judges this year. I heard that Mary Murphy is going back to choreographing and won't be a permanent judge. I don't really care as long as Cat Deeley is still the host.
Kitty: I too heard that Mary Murphy is going back to creating routines - she's really good at it. And anything to keep her horrifying voice out of my ears is appreciated. I also missed Debbie Allen, Lil' C and others as rotating judges last season. But let's face it Season 6, besides giving us amazing talent in the form of Jakob, Ellenore and Legacy, was a huge failure in almost every other aspect.
Kathie: Yeah, and are we ever going to get to see the S6 dancers on tour? I'm still so effin' mad at Nigel & Co. about that.
Kitty: Maybe they'll do a combo tour with seasons 6 and 7?!
Kathie: Harrumph...
Kitty: I have to give it to Nigel. This whole slow reveal of these rule changes and All Stars for season 7 has been an excellent promotional and marketing scheme. He had the fans talking it up and obsessing on who would participate for weeks. And now we only have a few short weeks before we get our fix.
Kathie: I wouldn't say we were obsessed. I mean yes, we talked about and analyzed every single All Star announcement for a few hours, but it wasn't like it was all I thought about.
Kitty: **ahem** You're right. We also got caught up in our other reality shows Project Runway, NY Housewives, Sober House, and my new fave 9 By Design.
Kathie: Oh those hip yuppies with their GORGEOUS children, don't get me started.
Kitty: That's another conversation for another time...

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