Sunday, April 18, 2010

My new favorite tv show (April edition)

Timothy Olyphant has a great walk. I've always thought so. He displayed it to great effect as the Sheriff on Deadwood, and now in his new show on Justified he's brought his slow swagger walk to his latest lawman character - Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens.

I love Raylan Givens. I love how flawed he is, but in the most amazingly imaginative way, not in a cliche tv cop way. I love his accent, his cowboy hat, his sports coats/blazers, and yes that swagger.
Justified as a whole show is almost as awesome as the character of Raylan Givens but it does sometimes fall a little short with the character development of the other players. But it's still one of the best things on television and far superior than the tired CSI or NCIS franchises on network stations. The writing is smart and tight, and the cast is great, especially stand-outs like Erica Tazel who plays Marshall Rachel Brooks and established character actor Raymond Barry who brings depth to the character of Arlo Givens, Raylan's con man father. (although note to Ray Barry - work on your Kentucky accent will you? So far you keep trying different ones and have somehow ended on one that sounds like coastal Maine by way of New Orleans - it's very distracting).
I've been talking up this show to anyone who will listen. I only wish F/X would repeat at better times. It's normal slot is Tuesdays at 10PM which is bad for a lot of people like my dad, who would love Justified. The only times F/X repeats it during the week are Wednesdays at 1 AM and Sundays at 11PM. Again, for people without DVRs like my dad, these additional showings of the episodes is totally inconvenient. Justified has received decent critical reviews, and I hope that it's picked up for a second season; I also hope that they repeat the entire first season on a day/time that will allow it to pick up a bigger audience. They should take a page from shows like TNT's The Closer, and AMC's Breaking Bad concerning building an audience and the power of repeated airings.

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stag62 said...

Belated response from a fellow T. Olyphant fan: True, it is a sucky time-slot. Maybe that's why I didn't watch. After your review I wish I would have!