Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SYTYCD Season 6 Top 10

Season 6's top 10 dancers performed last night in their new "random pairing out of a hat" couples, performing two routines and a solo. The fate of the competitors for the rest of the season is in our hands, as the girl and guy with the least amount of votes will leave tonight.

So the first thing that was different about last night's show was that there really wasn't a lot of "filler". There wasn't really time because of the 10 different routines (20 if you count the solos) that needed to happen within the 2 hour period. I've watched every season of this show but I totally don't recall the top 10 performing two dances before this season. I believe that was reserved for top 8 and beyond?

At any rate, one of the unexpected things last night was that the couple routines did not have intro segments. No interview with the choreographer(s), no banter about the new partnerships, no clips showing the dancers working with their instructors - just Cat Deely going straight into introducing the couples, them already on stage dancing right away. It was VERY JARRING and denied me face time with my beloved Pasha(!) and Spencer Liff among others. I mean seriously, the only possible time that Spencer may be topless would be during rehearsals - why are you fucking with me show?!

Noelle & Ryan: started off the show with a NappyTabs "hip-hop" routine performed to a song I love - "Give It To Me Right" by Melanie Fiona. I think I would've classified this as jazz almost. Even calling it lyrical hip-hop is pushing it but I really liked the choreography about basically sexual harrassment in the work place. It took me a minute to get into the routine because of the aforementioned lack of intros but I thought Ryan and Noelle did well and had good chemistry. Nigel said that he thought Ryan could've been "funkier" and I guess I agree with this. That didn't take away from the dance for me though.

Legacy & Ashleigh - Contemporary choreographed by Gary Stewart to "Poison" by The Prodigy: I thought this routine was really cool. It was insane too. And a little disjointed; at times it seemed like Legacy was waiting for Ashleigh? Their chemistry wasn't really there for me. The ending of the dance with Legs in a head stand was absolutely phenomenal though. And I love Adam Shankman and his wink.
They did do segments with the dancers about how they started dancing before each solo. I won't be talking about the solos a lot in this post except for some notables. Like Russell's parents who they show watching him on the show from their living room in Roxbury. Love them!

Kathryn & Nathan - Broadway choreographed by Spencer Liff (get naked now!) to "Choreography" from White Christmas sung by Danny Kaye:
Okay, we're going to have Spencer Liff do all of the Broadway choreography on this show from now on right? I LOVED this routine. Fun, lively, energetic, reminiscent and an homage to the great stage work from the 40s and 50s; loved, loved, loved.

Ellenore & Jakob - Quickstep done by Melanie LaPatin and Tony Meredith: Like Adam Shankman gushed, these two together are my ultimate partnership, so I was a little disappointed that they got the quickstep because I felt their talent was sort of wasted on it. But still, it was one of the best quicksteps that has ever been done on this show.

Ryan's stepdad looks like he's my age. Ryan's 27 right? Hmmm... me thinks his mom may be a cougar.

Mollee & Russell - Lyrical Jazz from Mandy Moore danced to "It Must've Been Love" (hee!) by Roxette:
Mandy's love for the 80s continues which her choice of song, but whatever, I love her for it anyway. And I enjoyed the choreography for this piece but didn't connect with Russell or Mollee dancing it. I thought the judges overpraised their performance. But I will agree that it was good for all to break the Nathan/Mollee partnership up. They both danced more mature and better than they have all season together.

Nathan's solo was freakin' amazing performed to one of my favorite songs - "Golden Train" by Justin Nozuka. A lot of people have commented that they thought Nathan getting choked up at the end was fake; but I think the emotion was very real. Those tears weren't fake.

Ryan & Noelle #2 - Smooth Waltz created by Jaytee and Tomas:
Pretty darn beautiful although Noelle was the weak link for me. Agreed with Nigel that she needed to relax more.

Wait. Ellenore's parents moved from Santa Cruz to NYC for her dancing?! Wow, those are some supportive and accomodating people. Ellenore's mom is soooooo pretty.

Ashleigh & Legacy 2 Electric Boogaloo - Hip hop from Dave Scott done to "Slow Down" by Bobby Valentino:
I personally thought it was one of the best hip-hop routines of the season but the judges panned it and I didn't get their criticism really. I also felt bad for Dave Scott whose choreography got trashed on national television. It wasn't as bad as when the Russian folk dance people got trounced but still, damn.

Commerical aside > Not at all excited about the Carrie Underwood holiday variety special.

Nathan & Kat II - Tony and Melanie Rhumba to "Walk on By" by Aretha Franklin:
Not sexy enough for me. My mind immediately compared it to the superior rhumba done by Ade and Melissa last season and the Dominic/Sabra one from S3. Nate and Kat had potential though, so I hope this routine which was probably the weakest of the night doesn't sink them.

Wow, Legacy's clip package. I can't believe he and his cute friend Flea came to L.A. from Miami with "nuthin' but a dream" after watching You Got Served to try and make a living b-boying. Nuts! I love Legacy's dad!

Ellenore & Jakob take 2 - Sonya Tayeh contemporary piece done to "Tore My Heart" by OONA & Paul Tweedie:
Dream partnership! AMAZING! Huzzah! My top 2 did a truly fantastic job.

Ashleigh's mom's hair/head is scary. That is all.

Mollee & Russell finished with a Jive choreographed by my boyfriend, and former S3 contestant Pasha and Anya: This routine had great choreography and lots of energy but still fell flat for me.

Jakob's solo = brilliance defined

Overall no one was awful. I don't really want any of the guys to go, but could lose Noelle or Mollee without shedding a tear. I think Ryan, Nathan and possibly Legacy could be in danger. And I think Noelle, Kathryn, and Mollee (crossing fingers) could be in the bottom for the girls. All I know is if Ellenore is in the bottom or heaven forbid goes home - I'm opening a can of whoop-ass on you America!

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