Wednesday, July 15, 2015

1D or BUST! (or how I stopped being embarrassed and embraced my love of boy bands) - PREVIEW

So, tonight's the night. I'm finally seeing One Direction live in concert. I have a floor seat and I'm riding solo, so I'm sure to stand out in a sea of teens and tweens.
Full disclosure - just yesterday I was given the opportunity to write a piece for a small women's issues blog. It may or may not get published there, but it does sort of give me a ready excuse to use if questioned as to why a woman in her mid-40s is attending a 1D concert alone.
Never mind the fact that I'm a super-fan that bought my ticket months ago. I will be reporting back on my experience in detail tomorrow or Friday.

Some things I'm looking forward to -

  1. This will be Louis Tomlinson's first public appearance since his baby-daddy news came out, so I'll be curious if it's addressed.
  2. I'm excited to see how they've reworked their songs, with the loss of Zayn Malik's beautiful tenor voice.
  3. So far they've kept the same set list for the U.S. tour dates; will Seattle be the city that gets a new set?!
  4. Will they sing any of my favorite songs?! Actually I'm sort of hoping that they won't. Because I  don't want to cry in front of 13 yr olds.

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