Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm already SO EXCITED for the upcoming 2012/2013 TV pilot season

NY Magazine has a great article on the trends for the upcoming new TV pilot season. ABC has had such success with Revenge that it looks like they've ordered a few new "soapy" dramas for 2012-2013. I of course, thoroughly approve of this decision. And one of the new shows that ABC has ordered stars Chad Michael Murray (ugh) in a...I'm so excited I'm hyperventilating... remake of Scruples, the 1970s best-selling novel by Judith Krantz that they made into an incredible mini-series in the early 80s with Lindsay Wagner. I fucking love the mini-series era from the 1980s and have been wanting someone in Hollywood to come to their senses and start remaking/rebooting them.

How the hell did I miss this news when it first broke back in January?!! And Natalie Portman is producing it?! I'm now even more convinced that if she and I met we would become fast friends for life. Here's hoping that it's super successful and leads to a run on mini-series remakes. Krantz alone has about 4 or 5 that could easily and happily be redone.
Stupid CMM has snagged the role of Spider Elliot, originally played awesomely by Barry Bostwick. And Claire Folani (why won't she go away?) will play the lead character Billy Winthrop.
I'm not kidding people, I am stoked. Especially since Krantz wrote two sequels to Scruples, so there's a rich source for lots of plot storylines.



I'm still excited when Bonanza comes on. Ben and the boys ... What a hoot them fellas are!

Your excitement makes me want to watch more TV!

DuchessKitty said...

Thanks Paul! I would love to see Westerns return to primetime tv. I know they've tried recently with a couple of shows, but I want a quality drama like "Deadwood".