Monday, April 4, 2011

Some thoughts about "Insidious"

So I saw Insidious this past weekend. It came in #3 at the box office its opening weekend and I guess that's okay but I don't know if they'll be able to sustain it.
The movie was okay. It was a little more cliched and much more of a Poltergeist rip-off than I expected, but for a "scary movie" it was enjoyable. I guess I thought it would be scarier; I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to horror films, and I only jumped like twice in the theater.

Some thoughts (good and bad) that went through my head during and after the movie:
  • What was the purpose of Rose Byrne's character being a songwriter? It had NO connection to the story at all. Of all the "work from home" professions they could think of why this one? The one song they showed her writing and singing was really lame.
  • And while we're talking about it, if you're going to have one of your leads be a songwriter, and her character's husband is played by Patrick Wilson, an actor with a BEAUTIFUL voice who has been nominated for TWO Tony awards for his singing? Don't have said character played by Patrick Wilson "act" tone-deaf and feign a horrible singing voice. It's insulting to Patrick and his fans. And my ears.
  • Rose Byrne's character is named "Renai". Ugh. What is the purpose of this whacked out spelling. Renee. Geez.
  • I did find it odd but kind of awesome and fairly realistic that when they showed Byrne and Wilson getting ready for bed, they were dressed and doing things like real adult people. Wearing old t-shirts and boxers as pjs and Patrick putting eye cream on for his wrinkles and concerned about his thinning and graying hair.
  • What is up with Barbara Hershey playing super creepy moms these days? And there was strangely no chemistry between her and Patrick Wilson. They barely acted like they knew each other, much less were supposed to be mother and son. Everytime he said 'Mom' I was shocked that he was talking to Hershey.
  • Could've done without the lame "Geek Squad" paranormal activity ghostbuster dudes, who were supposed to be comedy relief?
  • Who is taking care of Renai and Josh's two other kids if Grandma Barbara is at the house fighting demons?!
  • SPOILER ALERT - I get that they geared the ending for a sequel but damn, did they have to leave so many unanswered questions? Was the black/red faced demon defeated? Was the old lady demon at the end the same one we learned of earlier in the film?
  • Why was the black/red faced demon shown in, what can only be described as his boudoir, prancing around like Buffalo Bill. I mean seriously, why do movies these days make demons act so fey?
  • Why wasn't it scarier?

Okay, I'll admit, this was a scary fucking scene.


Anonymous said...

*spoiler alert*
I noticed the eye cream/gray hair scene as well, and thought it was just a scene of mildly amusing, realistic domesticity. But after the ending, it got me wondering if there was a reason the film makers chose to highlight the husband doing these traditionally feminine it possible he was inhabited by the old woman demon the whole time? His mother showed a series of childhood photos in which the spirit got closer and closer to him until she just stopped taking photos, he claims no memory of this, he first runs into the spirit in the other dimension while looking in a mirror, and we see him come back to his body before awakening...but when photographed, his true nature shows through. Just a thought. Also, what was up with constantly discussing the lipstick faced demon's lack of eyes (holes for eyes, black holes where his eyes should be)...then it finally shows up with bright green contacts? They should have left that thing in the shadows, much scarier that way.

Anonymous said...

The Old lady at the end is the same one we learn about in the beginning.. That's obvious. and to the comment above, He did take pictures. He took one with the family and He didn't show up as the old woman, which he would clearly be shown as the old lady in the pic that his mother commented on.