Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My response to the screencap picture above and last night as it aired on television? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

I have had serious reservations all season regarding Blaine and Kurt's burgeoning relationship. I loved the introduction of the Dalton Academy Warblers and Blaine, and particularly the addition of Darren Criss to the acting ensemble; he's a great little actor along with having an amazing voice and face. I held my breath as they showed Kurt falling in love with Blaine and worried that the only reason they introduced his character was to give Kurt a mate. But then the writers seemed to steer things in a good direction with Kurt and Blaine developing a friendship and not immediately falling into a romantic relationship. I liked last week's episode with Blaine going to Mr. Hummell and the subsequent Hummell Father/Son sex and relationship talk. I even liked the episode a few weeks back where Kurt was hurt when Blaine professed his crush on that weird Gap employee and actually revealed his feelings to Blaine, and how it didn't affect their friendship. I thought that was fairly realistic concerning something that would happen with teens in real life. I was firmly on the side of Blaine and Kurt not being a couple, at least not yet.
But a tv show is a tv show and I knew that eventually this season we would have Kurt and Blaine romantically involved for better or for worse. So last night - IT HAPPENED. Kurt and Blaine kissed.

Early in last night's episode, little Pavarotti, the Dalton Academy canary that Kurt was taking care of died suddenly. Kurt eulogizes the bird with the other Dalton boys by singing the Beatles song "Blackbird" and in that scene you see Blaine having an epiphany and coming to the realization that he loves Kurt. It was a beautiful scene. Darren Criss has such gorgeous, emoting features; when the camera slowly pans across Blaine's loving, enraptured face it was really moving.
Later, Blaine confessed his feelings to Kurt and then the momentous kiss happened. And it was kind of perfect. It wasn't too twee, or too overtly sexy. It wasn't tame, nor was it vulgar. In a word, it was HOT. And sweet. And lovely.
So good job Glee. But my happiness over last night doesn't mean that I'm not still concerned or cynical about where/how you're going to take this relationship. Last night's climatic lip-lock and Blaine's love revelation seemed a little rushed, so I'm once again withholding judgment until I see how it all plays out through the rest of this season. But if it means that I get more Darren Criss on my screen then I'm all for it. He is so damn cute.

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