Thursday, October 28, 2010

Should our nation's leader pander to us little folks?

So, yeah, last night the PRESIDENT OF THE FRIGGIN' UNITED STATES was on The Daily Show. Before I watched, I was really apprehensive about this interview. Generally I feel that once someone becomes the leader of our country they should just do that - lead our country. It makes me somewhat uncomfortable to see our President appear on shows like The View etc. because it kind of belittles his position somewhat in my eyes. Once you're top dog, take care of business and don't try to sell us on stuff that we've already bought.
Well, all that said, last night's full episode interview with Jon Stewart was kind of amazing. I thought President Obama was insightful and passionate and rather humble. And I really liked how Stewart challenged him in his questioning, although calling the PUSA "dude" is kind of disrespectful. All in all, my faith in the direction our President is going was sort of restored. I only hope that the dumbasses in our country get it together and that we don't f*ck things up on November 2, 2010.

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